[Access] Visiting NPFD group, AIST

[Address] 5-1 Tsukuba Central, AIST, 1-1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba 305-8565, Japan
[Tel]       +81-29-861-3268

Please see the following information. Our rooms are 3206-1, 3207, 3208 in the 3rd floor of 5-1 building in Tsukuba Central Area, AIST.

AIST Tsukuba map
AIST:Tsukuba Central Map
AIST:Timetable of AIST Shuttle Bus (from Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal)
AIST:How to get to the AIST Tsukuba from Narita International Airport
AIST:AIST Tsukuba Access (How to get to the AIST Tsukuba from Tokyo Station by Highway Bus)

Dr. Tohru Kawamoto, Group Leader