[Recreation]BBQ party / バーベキューパーティー

We had a group BBQ party. Good chicken, good meet,  good fish, good pizza, and good flowing noodles !


スタートは20人弱、最後は約30人が参加しました! / Finally 30 members joined. 

流しそうめんは子供に大人気 / Children like Flowing noodles.

主役は大きなタイでした / Main event is big Red Sea Bream!

タイ回ってます! / Red Fish is rolling 

チキンは蒸し焼き / Chicken was steamed
朝どりとうもろこしはとてもうまい / Corns harvested early in that morning were quite good! 

エジプト風焼肉もグッドです。 / Egyptian meat was also good!

かぼちゃは丸ごと、ワインは5リットル / Whole pumpkin, and 5L of wine!

投げてピザ生地を延ばすのだ! / expanding pizza crust by throwing!

子供に大人気 / A lot of children