[News]Technical Document for radioactive Cs-monitoring in environmental water/ 環境水中放射性セシウムの分析に関する技術資料



Technical document "Investigative Committee ofTechnical Report on Monitoring Radio-Caesium in Water" has published. The techniques that we devote the development are also included. Please check "Prussian blue (PB) cartridge filter method" for the dissolved form, and "cross-flow filter method" for the suspended form.

クロスフローフィルタ法の概要/Schematic view of cross-flow filter method

クロスフローフィルター法により濃縮された環境水と、原水中の懸濁態粒度分布。ほぼ原水と同じ粒度分布で回収できていることがわかります。/ particle size  distribution of suspended substances in raw water and in concentrated water. Almost same distribution was found.