[Gallery] Micromixer synthesis of nanoparticles / ナノ粒子のマイクロミキサー合成

This is one of the synthesis methods of nanoparticles in our group. We synthesize the nanoparticles by micromixer, mixing liquids in the micrometer space, In the case of Prussian blue, nanoparticle size is less than 10 nanometer (0.00001 millimeter) . We can synthesize the Prussian blue nanoparticles at rate of 600 g/hr, (about 1 ton/year) with this system.


Our group is "nanoparticle functional design group".  So our basic technology is the synthesis method of the nanoparticles. For example, micromixer synthesis are shown.

This movie shows the synthesis of the Prussian blue nanoparticles (NP). We can fabricate NP at rate of 100 mL/min, with 10 wt%, resulting in 600 g/min, 1 ton/year. The NPs are optimized for each applications, e.g. electrochromic devices, radioactive cesium adsorbent,  and NH3/NH4 adsorbent.



Schematic view of synthesis of Prussian blue nanoparticles by micromixer
/ マイクロミキサーによるプルシアンブルーナノ粒子合成の模式図


30. Efficient synthesis of size-controlled open-framework nanoparticles fabricated with a micro-mixer: route to the improvement of Cs adsorption performance
Takahashi, Akira; Minami, Nobutsugu; Tanaka, Hisashi; Sue, Kiwamu; Minami, Kimitaka; Parajuli, Durga; Lee, Kyoung-Moo; Ohkoshi, Shin-ichi; Kurihara, Masato; Kawamoto, Tohru, 
Green Chemistry, 17, 4228-4233, 2015. (06/04/2015)