[Gallery] Demonstration of color switching system/ 色が変わる装置のデモ

Demonstration of color switching system, with electrochromic devices with Prussian blue nanoparticles. The system works only with nickel-hydrogen battery, by the wireless control from a smartphone. The color variations are realized by metal substitution of nanoparticles. If you are interested, please contact us! We need your idea for application for interior, stationery,  or something with good presentation. 



28. Accelerated coloration of electrochromic device with the counter electrode of nanoparticulate Prussian blue-type complexes, 
Lee, Kyoung-Moo; Tanaka, Hisashi; Takahashi, Akira; Kim, Kyung Ho; Kawamura, Midori; Abe, Yoshio; Kawamoto, Tohru, 
Electrochimica Acta, 163, 288-295, 2015 (02/16/2015).