[Events] NANOTEC-NMRI meeting / タイナノテク-産総研ナノ材料研究部門会議

NANOTEC-NMRI meeting was held on Sept. 6, before "Joint-research meeting on nanomaterials and nanocomposites" on Sept. 7. It was closed meeting to discuss for the future plan of the collaborations between Thai-NANOTEC and Nanomaterials Research Institute (NMRI), AIST. Dr. Takahashi made a presentation for our ammonia adsorbent.


Presentation by Dr. Takahashi / 高橋研究員による発表
Participants of NANOTEC(Thailand)-AIST(Japan) meeting 
/ タイNANOTEC-産総研ナノ材料研究部門会議の参加者

Commemorative photo / みんなで記念撮影

Discussion for collaboration / 今後の連携に向けた議論です。
Question by Kawamoto GL / 川本GLが質問しています。