[Events] Thai-Japan meeting / タイ-日本会議

Related to 130th anniversary of Thailand-Japan diplomatic relations,  "Joint-research meeting on nanomaterials and nanocomposites" was held. Kawamoto GL and Dr. Takahashi attended the meeting. Kawamoto GL made a presentation about NH3 adsorbent and sensor. Dr. Takahashi introduced the techniques in our group in another meeting between NANOTEC, Thailand and AIST. 


Commemorative photo. The center is first secretary, embassy of Japan
/ 記念撮影。中央は在タイ日本大使館の上野一等書記官

Presentation by Kawamoto GL / 川本GLのプレゼンです

Meeting program. Kawamoto GL made a presentation after the opening remarks by Ueno first secretary, Embassy of Japan. / 会議スケジュール。川本GLは上野一等書記官のあいさつの次に発表しました。

Meeting site, Dusit Thani Hall, Dusit Thani Bangkok, Traditional hotel in Thailand
/ 会場のデュシタニ・バンコク・ホテル。とても由緒あるホテルとのこと。

Program book of the meetings / 会議のプログラムブック
Logo of 130th anniversary of Japan-Thailand diplomatic relations, representing "infinite" with Thailand's elephant and Japan's cherry blossom
 / 日タイ修好130周年のロゴ。タイのゾウと日本の桜で無限大(∞)を表現しているとのこと。